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The detailed financial report for Shelter - National Campaign for Homeless People will provide essential insight into the organisation’s financial activities. This report is ideal for corporate donors, grant making trusts, major donors, local authorities, public bodies or other individuals who require more detailed information on this charity. The report is available to buy for just £199 excluding VAT. The report is provided in an easily digestible format and includes*: Five year financial history covering various income and expenditure streams as well as the charity’s assets and liabilities Key financial ratios including surplus, margin, fundraised income ROI and fixed asset turnovers Year-on-year growth trends for each of the different financial fields Contact details for principal executives and trustees Up to date information on relevant investment and grant making policies *Our expert team of data analysts break down the financial information as far as the charity’s reporting allows, meaning we have the most in-depth coverage possible for all of the top 5,000 charities.

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